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Raymond Woodward once said, “We are in desperate need of leaders who will pass the baton while they still have strength to cheer.” .

We’re eternally grateful for the sacrifices of the great leaders on whose shoulders we stand. But if they’re not replaced, then the dream dies. For there is no success without a successor.

We want to recognize the achievements of those who have gone before us and give them the opportunity to multiply the impact of their work by mentoring and passing on the experience they have gathered over the years to a new generation of leaders who will carry on the baton.

The Shepherds program connects seasoned activists and renowned leaders who are role models, with emerging leaders who have the ability to continue to make progress on the good work. With guidance and oversight from the Global Movement for Change, shepherds are paired with protégées based on shared interests and aspirations.

The young leaders we cultivate today will also someday become Shepherds to the next generation and ensure that the baton is not dropped.

If you would like to join the Global Movement for Change as a Shepherd to our young leaders, please:

  • Write to and tell us briefly about yourself, your work and the issue(s) you’re most passionate about. Please include your contact details so that we may get in touch with you promptly.