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Typically, aspiring leaders (both young and young at heart) are enlisted during one of our ‘Be The Change’ seminars/workshops. They are then provided training designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge to be effective leaders of change in their communities.

The School of Leaders training program consists of Lectures; Study Circles; Worksops and Seminars; Youth-Senior Connections that provide opportunities for the young and old to exchange experiences and Practical Courses on Discovering your Assignment, Organizing for Change, Leading Change, Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, Advocacy, Media Relations, Fundraising, Social Enterprise and where applicable, an introduction to elements of the Ibrahim Index of Governance.

This training leads to the prestigious Certificate in Public Leadership. The goal is not the attainment of the certificate, even though the certificate is a valuable recognition that the emerging leader has demonstrated a commitment to leadership that is inclusive, tolerant, seeks dialogue over confrontation and is judged by service to humanity, putting people first before power and personal gain.

Please take a look at our Framework for raising a new generation of leaders.

If you’re ready to step up to leadership, please:

  • Write to and tell us briefly about yourself. Please include your contact details so that we might get in touch with you promptly.