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An engaged citizenry is the key to healthy communities. This program involves activating citizens’ participation in decision-making and problem-solving at all levels and nurturing democratic processes. This is where aspiring leaders put to practice the skills learned at the School of Leaders and earn Civic Points towards attainment of the Certificate in Public Leadership.

We do not dictate projects to the leaders we cultivate. Rather, we facilitate their engagement in civic and humanitarian projects that they initiated based on their own vision. Whether it is helping to develop the natural talents of children, planting trees, keeping the streets free of malaria mosquitoes, empowering women, caring for the old, providing basic education for disadvantaged children or helping to unite communities through interfaith dialogue, leaders conceive their own projects, in accordance with the change they want to see in the world.

In addition to the projects that they conceived, they are required to take part in various activities including volunteering, voter education, initiating direct conversations between elected officials and their constituents, rating candidates for elected office, organizing around hot issues, etc.

Take a look at our Road map for raising a new generation of leaders.

If you’re ready to step up to leadership, please:

  • Write to and tell us briefly about yourself. Please include your contact details so that we might get in touch with you promptly.